Random graphs and fractals, Autumn 2011 (Weslyan University, USA)

Our own textbook:     A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics 


Research interests

Probability theory
Ergodic theory
Combinatorial theory                                                                                       

Current research topics

Iterated paperfolding (see publication below)

Random cellular automata (see publication below)

Arithmetic difference of random Cantor sets (see publication below) 

Modelling of advection, dispersion and adsorption in fluid transport                   

Modelling detection of contaminant plumes from landfills


Complete list of publications:     List   (updated September 2011)

Some of my most recent publications: 

o  Paperfolding morphisms, planefilling curves, and fractal tiles

o  Correlated fractal percolation and the Palis conjecture

o Stability in random cellular automata on the integer lattice

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