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woman with sandpile Woman with Sandpile, created by M.D.

I am absent for indefinite time due to illness. For any mathematics business, just contact Frank Redig.


I did my PhD at the VU Amsterdam. My supervisors were Ronald Meester and Frank Redig. From 2008 to 2010 I was Assistant Professor at the University of Technology in Delft. I have been postdoc at CWI and at the VU Amsterdam. I have also been a teacher and an experimental physicist; click here for a full cv.
I won a NWO Meervoud grant, and am back at the TU Delft as assistant professor since May 2011! My contact details are:
Anne Fey (a.c.fey-denboer {at} tudelft {dot} nl),
Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics, Probability,
EWI room HB 6.280,
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft.

Research interests

Self-organized criticality in sandpile models, limiting shapes in sandpile growth models (see here for some large size examples by David Wilson on the square, honeycomb and triangular lattice), bootstrap percolation, cellular automata. In the movie below you see a sandpile growth model that might not have a limiting shape (open problem in this paper by Haiyan Liu and me)

sandpile growth model

Inspired? Contact me for research possibilities. At the moment, I have an open PhD position on sandpile models.

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Publications and preprints

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Mathematics research


  • Zelforganisatie; Beeldhouwen in een wiskundig onderzoek , Kunst en Wetenschap 17(4) (2009) 13-14.

  • Schoolboeken en studieresultaten, Euclides 75(3) (1999), 101-103.

  • (with H.C.W. Beijerinck and K.A.H. van Leeuwen) High-power broad-area diode lasers for laser cooling, Appl. Phys. B 64 (1997), 415-417.

  • (with K.A.H. Van Leeuwen, H.C.W. Beijerinck, C. Fort and F.S. Pavone) Grating feedback in a 810 nm broad-area diode laser, Appl. Phys. B 63 (1996), 117-120.